The Obituarists / one act

Caroline and Marla were never really that close. But when she gets the news that her childhood friend has died, Caroline is forced to confront the truth behind the stories she’s been telling herself. Moving fluidly through multiple time periods, The Obituarists is an exploration of the kind of grief we don’t feel the right to have.

A work in progress.


In the provincial park where his drowned body was found, a young John Doe searches for his identity. Could a Mother’s Day gift across the country contain the answer? A response to the use of commercial DNA test results in identifying unknown decedents.

Doe was commissioned for Sum Theatre’s Last Sunday, and received a public staged reading at the event in May 2018.

Bear / 10 Minute Play

Margot just got married and she probably shouldn’t have. But what reason could be ‘good enough’ to leave your own reception? Huddled away in a storage room, she looks to her childhood teddy bear for help.

Bear was produced as part of the Short Cuts Festival in 2017.