photo by MAKI FOTOS

photo by MAKI FOTOS

 photo by MAKI FOTOS

photo by MAKI FOTOS


"Compelling and completely convincing."

- Cam Fuller, The Star Phoenix


"From a vocal standpoint, Kemp is a standout, particularly during the song 'Honey I’m Home'.  [...] She also portrays the biggest emotional range in the show."

- Stephanie McKay, The Star Phoenix


"Kemp has a natural vibrancy that plays into Sara's fun and spunky side, but she also has an edge, a sense of strength and ferocity. In her tragic scenes, while she is, by necessity, doing little, she communicates a lot of emotion in her few, lingering glances.

She never misses a beat, and even after spending one scene immobile she charges out on stage moments later firing on all cylinders."

- Blair Woynarski, The Prairie Groundling

"Kemp is lovely as a woman learning about herself in the larger world. She is vulnerable, yet tough, and [her] performance reflects that dichotomy in powerful ways."

- Stephanie McKay, The Star Phoenix